Strategic plan Winning the talent Wars
Our future necessarily involves building an intelligent business model.

What is an intelligent business?
In Creaciones Nicolás we know that a business group with more of 1000 establishments in all Spain should porsue the excellence from the moment that one idea born to the moment that the customer wears the clothes satisfied.
To achieve it, we have designed a set of ideas, procedures, developments and production that should be governed by the maximum quality, maximum requirement and maximum efficiency.
In short, a smart structure which we can adapt to more and more customers. Creaciones Nicolás has designed own business model that has allowed us a rapid expansion and an excellent reception. Two are our principal strengths : more of 60 years of experience in the sector, who allows us to anticipate the changes in demand
and the proximity to the customers that is possible thanks to the development of more of 1000 sales points between big traders and little retailers. To put it in value we has developed a model of management based on the innovation of procedures and in the flexibility of the structures that allows a quick reply to the orders of the market.
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